Project Description

Firefly Lifecoaching

Angela Bullock is a leading DreamBuilder coach and Business Success Mentor to women helping them create a life they love. She also happens to be the international best selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook. Angela engaged Rosso Digital to review her Facebook Advertisement Campaigns to date and provide a more in-depth analysis as to why the ROI hasn’t been as expected.

We established that the previous social media campaigns (not run by Rosso Digital) performed reasonably well except minor improvements that could’ve been made. Therefore, the main reason for the lack of conversion was likely to be caused by an outdated website that wasn’t optimised for mobile users either. Rosso Digital was hired to fully redesign the website (content and copywriting provided by client) as well as taking over responsibility for paid social media campaigns.

Some of our main achievements together, comparing the period October-November 2019 and 2020 YoY, were an increase in new website users of 80.56%, an increase in sessions of 63.1%, an increase in page views of 74.54%, an increase in pages per session of 7.01%, an increase in session duration of 71.44% and a decrease in bounce rate by 4.36%.

Project Inclusions

Social Media, Web Design

Project Timing

Website: completed 1st October 2020
Paid social media management: ongoing

Client Feedback

Working with Rob has transformed my business from slow to exploding and reignited my brand awareness. His level of expertise, quality of work and personal support goes above and beyond any other digital media company I have ever worked with. I recommend Rob to all my clients because he is the best at what he does.



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Click the arrows on the side to switch between desktop and mobile!