Project Description

Beautiful Bundles

Beautiful Bundles is your one-stop-shop for quirky, local Aussie gifts. The concept is the brainchild of Perth-sisters, Kate and Jay. They were the ones who had all these gifting problems – family spread over Australia, wanting to send all the wonderful things they saw online but couldn’t get it all sent as one. Australia is a hive of activity when it comes to local, handcrafted goods but it’s not always easy to bundle them up and get them across this huge country.

They find the coolest, most awesome, funky, modern gift ideas and bundle them all up into something that will always draw a smile. No bundles are every the same – pick the category, size, and leave them a few notes about the lucky recipients; Kate & Jay will put together the perfect bundle for them!

Project Inclusions

Marketing Consulting, Reservation Management, Social Media, Web Design

Project Timing

November 2020-Ongoing

Client Feedback

Still awaiting client feedback…


Rosso Digital was hired to fine-tune the website, refresh their whole online presence across social media, and provide ongoing social media management as well as general marketing consulting. We integrated their Shopify website with Facebook and Instagram shopping to improve clicking and conversion funnels, introduced Instagram reels and Google My Business into the marketing mix, started actively engaging with relevant hashtags, developed their first paid social media campaigns, and started a Social Proof campaign to automatically collect reviews and increase conversions on the website.

In April 2021 Rosso Digital rolled out the brand’s loyalty programme Beautiful Rewards in order to maximise brand loyalty and support the Social Proof campaign.

Some of our main achievements were an increase in total store sessions by 128% between 1st December 2020 and 15th February 2021 compared to the previous year. Store sessions originating from social media channels have increased by 1,915%. Through an in-depth Google Analytics review we were able to determine reasons for a high bounce rate and have reduced drop-offs in half by redesigning the homepage and collections pages. As of February 2021, their Google listing has appeared in 1,422 searches out of which 98.5% were not searching for their brand name – compared to no impressions previously.